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About Academy of Learning College Toronto

Welcome to the Academy of Learning College in Toronto! Known for providing quality education, training and skills development programs, Academy of Learning College Toronto is recognized as a leading training college in Toronto, Ontario.

Academy of Learning College Toronto offers a wide variety of Certificate and Diploma training programs designed to provide students with job-ready knowledge, skills and abilities that are in demand in today’s competitive job market. Specializing in career, business and computer skills training Academy of Learning College Toronto provides Toronto students with the support, tools and resources necessary to pursue education, training and career goals.

Student Support Services & Resources

Academy of Learning College in Toronto provides several services and resources for students, including:

  • Student Referral Program
  • Admission Assessment
  • Student Policies and Procedures
  • Financial Aid
  • Exam Services
  • Job Placement Assistance

Student Referral Program

The Academy of Learning College Toronto is pleased to introduce the new and improved Student Referral Program! Students can contact an Admissions Representative at their college in Toronto and learn more about the perks of referring another student.

Admission Assessment

Get a start on your career goals today! Admissions Representatives are available to help determine the best Certificate or Diploma program to pursue, based on career goals, and answer any questions students might have. Book a Tour today!

Student Policies and Procedures

Academy of Learning College in Toronto has several policies and procedures that apply to all students. These include policies on attendance, fees, grades, dress code and progression requirements. Students are required to familiarize themselves with Academy of Learning College Toronto Policies and Procedures.

Financial Aid

The decision to invest in education and career training is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make! There are various options available to Academy of Learning College Toronto students including OSAP, WSIB, Second Career and other Financial Assistance Programs.

Exam Services

Academy of Learning College Toronto invigilates several exams for institutes, universities and colleges in Toronto at the Downtown East Campus. Learn More about Exam Services.

Job Placement Assistance

Many Academy of Learning College Toronto Certificate and Diploma programs include a job placement component. Academy of Learning College Toronto has several partnerships with Toronto businesses and corporations, and provides students with assistance in finding their ideal job placement.


Key Performance Indicators

Graduates will be called by Forum Research Canada, which is a research company contracted by Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities. Our students are informed ahead of time about the calls as a Graduate Satisfaction Survey is completed from each telephone call and is used to measure AOLC’s KPI.


Measuring Success after Graduation

How many students successfully graduate from private career colleges?  Do graduates find jobs and are these jobs related to their training?  How many students pay back their student loans?

Since 2013, Ontario’s private career colleges – or PCCs – have worked with the ministry and its partners to gather data to answer these questions. The data is used to develop measurable values called key performance indicators – or KPIs.

KPIs show how graduates have fared after graduating from PCC vocational programs. They help future students make more informed decisions about their postsecondary education and help institutions identify areas of strength and weakness and opportunities for improvement.

The KPI Process

Under the authority of the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005, the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges issued a  policy directive setting out five PCC KPIs:

  • Graduation Rate
  • Graduate Employment Rate
  • Graduate Employment Rate in Field of Study
  • Graduate Satisfaction Rate
  • Employer Satisfaction Rate.

Graduation rate is calculated from audited data submitted by PCCs three times per year. The other four KPIs are calculated from surveys taken by graduates and their employers.

The ministry also calculates Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) loan default rates for PCCs approved to accept OSAP-assisted students, which are also considered a performance indicator for the sector.

Published 2013 results include graduation rate, graduate employment rate, graduate employment rate in field of study and loan default rates.  Graduate and employer satisfaction rates will also be published, beginning with 2014 results.

For the 2013 and 2014 cycles, only PCCs with OSAP-approved programs were required to participate in the KPI process. All PCCs are included in the 2015 cycle.

Recent KPI Results