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Industry Trends: Accounting

According to Service Canada, accounting jobs are growing in all industries, thanks to computerization and de-compartmentalization. A booming industry needs people with the sort of top notch training accounting courses in Toronto give you. Accounting professionals of all kinds are at the core of a business’s administration staff, which makes accounting jobs some of the […]

Mark Your Place in the Analytics Room

One of the hottest topics in IT careers is the boom in analytics. Increasingly sophisticated statistical measuring methods and data gathering have given companies new insight into the behaviour of current and prospective customers. Now, more than ever, companies need people trained in using and setting up analytics systems. At the highest level, these methods […]

Accountants Hold Important Roles in Any Company

From the earliest ancient scribes to the modern day bookkeeper, the role of the accountant is as old as business itself. Whether hired internally or externally, every company relies on someone with accounting training. Accountants are found at every layer of any company, from the chief financial officer (CFO) and the board of directors, to […]