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Toronto a Growing Epicentre for IT Careers

Anyone seeking a career with high demand would do well to consider Information Technology (IT). While several prominent companies from the U.S., including big Silicon Valley players like Google and Facebook, are constantly recruiting Canadian talent, Toronto is proving to be a growing epicentre of innovative technology development. Information Technology is among the most competitive […]

Industry Trends: Customer Service

According to a TD Canada poll, 95% of Canadians deem customer service essential to decide whether or not a company should keep their business. With stark numbers like that, it’s no wonder there’s been a scramble to invest in training for front line staff. The three guiding words that define good service are friendly, quick […]

Industry Trends: Office Administrator

This is the second episode in our series about employment trends in Canada, looking at all the programs available at Academy of Learning College Toronto, to show you what opportunities are out there for you. This week we’re going to look at what’s available for the Office Administrator and why that’s a strong pick to […]