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Industry Trends: Healthcare

The fourth episode of our industry employment outlook series looks at Healthcare. Healthcare careers are, hands down, some of the most in-demand careers in Canada at the moment, and private and government forecasts repeatedly point to projected shortages of skilled workers. Healthcare training in Toronto prepares you to take part in an employment boom. The […]

What is the Future of Healthcare Employment in Ontario?

You’ve probably already heard that healthcare is booming in Canada. But what does that mean for Ontario?  More importantly, what does that mean for prospective healthcare graduates? Check out the highlights of this government-funded Ontario Health Care Labour Market Report. 2/3 of healthcare employers reported having trouble finding qualified applicants. All of the top 10 […]

The 2013 Canadian Healthcare Rankings

According to the Fraser Institute, Ontario offers the fastest healthcare services in Canada. Wait times are shortest, matching patients with the services they need in the timeliest fashion. This isn’t just shorter delays to see doctors, but also quickest access to secondary and support health services, such as testing or consultations. Each year, the Fraser […]