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By contacting Academy of Learning College, you are taking the first step to reaching your career goals. Call and visit the Academy of Learning location in your neighbourhood to discuss your career options. Experience first hand our unique learning environment and how our hands-on approach to education is the key to your success.

Review Your Career Goals with Us

Our Admissions Representatives are available to help you with your college choice and life decisions. They will answer your questions regarding your learning experience at Academy of Learning College as well as the career opportunities resulting from your education.

The Admissions Representatives will also work with you to determine an educational path that is the most appropriate for your needs. Academy of Learning College offers many training options to help you reach your objectives. We can develop an individual training proposal for you and outline the details of cost, duration, and exactly what courses are needed to get the most out of your education.

Assessment Review

During your assessment review, the Admissions Representative will help you to determine which essential skills and abilities you need to complete a diploma or certificate program. We will also guide you in determining which available financial aid options are best suited to your needs.

Meet the Financial Aid Officer

Education is one of the biggest investments in your life. Our qualified Financial Aid Officer will assess your qualification and assist you to plan the funding of your education. A good planning ensures stress-free learning and can avoid student loan defaults where funds have been approved.

Start Learning

Course enrolment is continuous, which means that courses start every day. Flex-time scheduling allows each individual to choose the most convenient times to learn, including weekdays, evenings, and Saturdays.


Criteria for admission into any Diploma or Advanced Certificate program includes:

  • Attending the initial interview and receiving a positive recommendation from the College Director/student administrator/admissions representative.
  • Having a fair understanding of the English language.
  • Prospective students must be Grade 12 graduates, or equivalent, or have Mature Student status (19 years of age or over/18 years of age in Ontario/21 years of age or over in Nova Scotia with at least one year out of high school) and subject to the discretion of the College Director. Mature Students and those who cannot supply proof of Grade 12 graduation will be required to complete an Entrance Examination to properly assess their personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Applicants for any of the Technical Diplomas or Advanced Certificates, as well as the Medical Training courses offered, will further be evaluated on specific criteria and tests depending on the Diploma or Certificate chosen.

Foreign students who are not Canadian Citizens or permanent residents must obtain a Study Permit with their Visitor Visa from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Applicants must read and certify that they have received and read a copy of the College’s policies and procedures, any updates and inserts as well as the Enrolment Application and Contract. Some programs may also have additional entrance requirements or prerequisite courses.