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Our proud graduates

I would like to thank Academy of Learning College for having made my experience with them a memorable rewarding one.

The Academy assisted and supported me from the very beginning and the staff was always willing to take the extra time and go the extra mile to ensure that I had the full understanding of the material before proceeding to another level… because of this I succeeded in the final examination and this gave me the confidence I needed finally gain the employment I always thought I deserved.

I am now employed as a Personal Support Worker, my chosen filed and I thank the Academy of Learning College to anyone thinking on upgrading their skills to obtain a better position at a present job or weather it is to go into a whole new direction…The Academy can work for you!!

Name: V. O.

Program: Medical Office Assistant

Dear Sheni Fazal and staff,


Writing this letter is such a pleasure. I am so overwhelmed at my accomplishment. The time, patience and effort your staff has shared with me are overly appreciated. Thoughts that I would have completed my course, even completing my internship was far away from my mind. But I hung in there. Most of my gratitude goes out to our instructor, who naturally showed interest and was really willing and patient to in teaching and makes sure that what ever was taught was fully understood. Also our facilitator was even a great help with the ILS part of my studies. She made me smile some days when I felt a little under the weather. Job Developer on the other hand was reassuring when it came to finding a job. I remember her saying on many occasions. “Don’t worry Tamara, with you attitude and work performance and enthusiasm you would find a great job.”

I prayed that I would get connected to a great Internship and in fact I did. I then hoped that Dr. Anil Gupta where I volunteered would hire me. Let’s just say that things worked in my favor. I HAVE A JOB!!!! I even got the best recommendation and I am very proud to say so. I am grateful for this opportunity to better my kids’ lives as well as mine, and I have everyone at the Academy of Learning and HTI to thank for this. I will never forget who started me off on my feet to better and newer beginnings.

Program: Personal Support Worker

Dear Jill and staff, Academy of Learning College

I am writing this letter to acknowledge the staff at Academy of Learning College for their excellent work ethic, professionalism, skill knowledge and patience. It has been one of the best and most challenging experiences in my life. I have learned so much, which allows me to excel and complete in my Personal Support Worker Diploma.

I would like to thank everyone, especially my instructor for making my eight months at Academy a memorable one. I have made lots of new friends who I hope to keep in touch with as well as to maintain long lasting friendships. I have learnt essential tools and skills I would require to continue in my career.

Thanks for an excellent and productive experience at Academy of Learning College, and I will always cherish the memories.

Best wishes to all.

Name: G. J.

Program: Personal Support Worker

To the Academy of Learning,

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to the Academy of Learning College for having been so supportive and understanding towards me and my education!

I was a little apprehensive of finding employment upon completing the program (PSW), but as soon as I completed, the school worked with me in creating a resume and finding employment.


Within 2 weeks of completing the NACC exam I was employed with a very well known and experienced agency and I am now working with and for people I have always wanted to work with…thank you to all the wonderful staff of the Academy of Learning College for having made my experience such a pleasant one.


I would recommend the Academy of Learning College to anyone wanting to upgrade a skill or just return to studies.


Name: C. O.


Program: Accounting Clerk

To the Academy of Learning College,


I would like to thank all for your kindness, and guidance you showed me in the months that I was at your school.


I will certainly recommend anyone to attend your school. They will not just learn computer programs: they will learn compassion, patience, and goodness.

Your teaching staff is the best I have ever encountered in any school I have attended.


Special thanks to Jill, Sheni, Peggy, Marzita, Emanuel and everyone that helped me achieve my goals, I could not have done it without you believing in me and encouraging me. I know because of that I will be getting a better job.

I will miss all of you. Thank you.


Name: D. P.


Program: Payroll Administration

I would like to thank the staff at the Academy of Learning College and especially my teacher S for a great year in helping me with my studies to begin a new career. There were times when I thought I was never going to make it but, through encouragement and help, I did better than I expected.

S was not only a great teacher but also a wonderful friend. I really appreciate all the help and support I received from her and all the staffs at the Academy of Learning College.


Thank you,


Name: L. T.


Program: Medical Office Assistant

To Jill Desjardins, Sheni Fazal and the Academy of Learning College Staffs,


I wish to thank Academy of Learning College and all the staff especially my Medical Office Instructor and the facilitator in the computer classroom. Wish to thank you all for the support and encouragement that I was given during my studies.


I also would like to thank the administration staffs when I first enrolled who were so encouraging warm and friendly.

I am a new immigrant and I did not want to work a labor or customer service job in Canada. I wanted to excel right away and be career women as I was in Africa where I worked as an Administrator for a large and successful company.


After I graduated I found employment within one month in my field as a Medical Office Assistant. I presently work for York Central Hospital as a Medical Admin in Client Liaison.


I would like to especially thank Jill Desjardins for assisting me in my career path when I first came to register. I am grateful for this opportunity and I wish that every student that is thinking of coming to college to take the first step to invest in themselves even though it is challenging because the future is bright and promising.


Name: MR. W.


Program: Medical Office Assistant

To my instructor and all the staffs at Academy of Learning College,


My training at Academy of Learning College was very pleasant and enjoyable. The staffs were amazing and did everything they possible could to help me and my colleagues.


My teacher was exceptional and helped me catch up and stay with the class when I had to be absent for medical reasons. Being a parent the flexible schedule and times were great.


I took the Medical Office Assistant program which was challenging and perseverance and your future will be rewarding and promising.


My message to future prospective student is to have determination and perseverance and your future will be rewarding and promising.


Again I wish to thank all the staff at Academy of Learning College for supporting me and encouraging me to stick with it to the very end which is that I needed to graduate. Thank you so much.


Name: A. R.


Program: Medical Office Assistant

When I came to Academy of Learning, I had a lot of dreams. My New Year’s resolution was to begin a new fresh life start and stop leaning and doing housekeeping, which I had done for three years.


Academy of Learning changed my life. I graduated from Medical Receptionist Program in 2007 and started to work for Mount Sinai Hospital as a ward clerk, part time. This position encouraged me to move forward and I went to further my education, so I enrolled in the Medical Office Assistant Diploma Program. I was an honors student and I cannot even express my joy and happiness in all that I was achieving.


All my teachers encouraged me throughout my program. I am also thankful to my directors, Jill and Sheni.


After my graduation, I was promoted to a full time ward clerk and now in 2009, I have been promoted as a prenatal screening program clerk at Mount Sinai Hospital.


My determination and support from Academy of Learning has given me the best in life.

Thank you so much, AOL, and my message to future students is never to give up but take the first step and come to Academy of Learning, and you will be welcomed!


Name: J. F.


Program: Call Center Customer Service Representative

I graduated this October from Academy of Learning Career and Business College. I studied Call Centre Customer Service Representative.


When I arrived here in Canada in September 2008, the first thing that came to my mind is to study to have a better future here. I am thinking of continuing my studies in Education because I had my Bachelors Degree in Education way back home. But then when I was looking for a university, my mom told me to take a vocational course first in Academy of Learning as a stepping stone.


While I was going to the college, I set up my goals in studying that I have to do my very best and be a dedicated student, which I did. I always read the books and did the exams and tried to finish it in the appropriate time. The facilitators and staffs of the school are very approachable and helpful to the students. I met a lot of people with different cultures and shared experiences not only about what we are learning in the college but also personal experiences in life. It was a great opportunity to study in this college because I learned a lot in my program like customer service, telephone ethics and hands-on computer subjects. This college provides me a good training and experience for my future job. Before I finish my program I got a call centre job and applied all what I’ve learned during my study. And then without noticing it, I was about to finish the program and then one of the facilitator told me that I would be graduating with honors!


After the hard work and perseverance in completing my program I got a job as an Admission Assistant and I am still in the process of learning new things in the working field. I am now looking forward to having a successful career and have a better life here in Canada.


Name: C. J. J.


Program: Business Administration

Dear Sheni and Jill,


I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn at Academy of Learning. It was a wonderful experience and I am so happy and content with the training I had.


Academy of Learning College was the right answer when I wanted to go back to school to attain my dream career. They provided me the best service with ease and convenience when I did not know where to get the training I needed with very limited time during my maternity leave. The qualified facilitators and wonderful staffs helped me go through the process and it was easy and fun.


The Integrated Learning System which is the method of teaching at Academy of Learning helped me to gain skills and knowledge, and eventually gave me confidence to look for job. I never experienced this learning system before but it worked perfectly well for me to learn at my own pace. Class schedules fitted my hectic schedules and got the full training at a very short period of time.


During the 40 weeks training, I have enjoyed my stay at the college because the facilitators were very supportive and helpful. The students in class were equally wonderful whether they are in healthcare class or in the computer lab, everyone knows each other, we support and cheer for each other’s accomplishments.


I strongly recommend anyone to go to Academy of Learning and the good news that I wanted to share with you is that I am now working in my chosen career as business administrator.


Name: M. L.


Program: Business Administration

I am a graduate of the Academy of Learning Career and Business College (AOL) which is located in Downsview, Ontario. There are three other AOL campuses in the GTA area affiliated to the Downsview campus. It offers many different courses in Medical, Community Services, Business, Finance & Accounting, IT and other fields which are in constant demand in today’s world. I completed a Business Administration course at AOL in July 2009.


The decision to go back to school was probably the best decision I have taken in my adult life. I’m a single mother, so I had to think both about my own future and also, most importantly, that of my daughter and what example I could show to her. These thoughts helped me decide to take charge of my life, and do something: go back to school. A friend told me about AOL, a private College where she had completed a medical course and how this had helped her to find a good job and become self-reliant. So I called the College and soon I was enrolled on the way forward in my life.


The Facilitators and the other professionals at AOL are exceptional people: They are proficient in their subjects, they are always ready to help, to listen and generally to be there to do everything possible to enable their students to succeed. It was a lot of hard work and involved many personal sacrifices, but at the end I succeeded and graduated with Honors. Two months after completing my course, I got a job in Administration field.


I am so happy that I decided to go to the Academy of Learning Career and Business College, for it changed my life Now, the only thing left for me to do is to advance, advance, and advance in my career and in my life.


Name: M.


Program: Web Designer

Thank you for accepting me at the Academy of Learning College for the Web Designer Program.


Studying at AOL has been a very good experience. Your up-to-date programs, learning conditions and excellent curriculum materials helped me to enter the international market of Designing.


Name: N. B.